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homemade vegan mexican

The Hidalgo Family of Bradley Beach, owners of Luna Verde, name Mexican food as their favorite. As a vegan family, parents Mahonrry and Eslin Morris, along with their son, Marel (who just happens to be an amazing guitarist), have wanted to share their love of delicious and homemade (vegan) Mexican food. When the right location became available, they decided to open a restaurant themselves.


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Luna Verde has quickly climbed the ranks of becoming a favorite vegan restaurant in New Jersey. In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Luna Verde was recognized as PETA’s Top 10 Latinx Owned Vegan Restaurants Nationwide. We believe in our dishes and cook them the way that you, the community & the environment deserves. 

Every American deserves clean, running water. Please join us in our first campaign in partnership with DIGDEEP and their Navajo Water Project. You can contribute by donating directly, or every time you purchase a Navajo Taco from our menu 20% will be directed to this cause. Read More.

Served with love

authentic Mexican vegan restaurant 

Authentic & homemade

Homemade vegan mexican

We are a family-owned vegan restaurant serving authentic Mexican food such as ceviche, tacos, taco salad bowls, burritos, sopes, chimichangas, and delicious postres (desserts). We offer specials and limited dishes that are updated regularly. With many gluten-free options, there’s a dish for everyone. Every dish is made to order.

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Fried Green Tomatoes, Mixed Mushrooms, Soy Chorizo or Mixed (two choices).

Regular or Gluten Free.

Taking orders from 1pm until 8pm

Online ordering. Pickup. Delivery (via apps). Scheduled preordering available.

¡Feliz Martes!

Lunes en Luna 🌜
(Mondays at Luna)

Burritos Fritos, Pizzadillas, Taquitos de Guacamole y Queso, Tacos de Birria con Consomé 📷 Empanadas de Tofu y Queso and Enyucados de No Carne Molida y Queso. Our specials today.

Please keep in mind that during this month (Veganuary) you’ll get either an order of Chips & Chunky Salsa or a bowl (16 oz) of the Soup of the Day (gf) as a complimentary gift with the purchase of TWO main dishes (Burritos, Tacos, Empanadas, Chimichangas, Quesadillas, Enchiladas, Tostadas, Plato Luna Verde, Nachos or Specials).

Taking orders from 1pm until 8pm

Online preorder. Pickup. Delivery (via Uber Eats).

¡Feliz Lunes!

PIZZADILLA DE CHORIZO DE SOYA, ESPINACAS Y TOMATES SECOS 📷 (gf “pizzadilla” with soy chorizo, baby spinach and sundried tomatoes). Add fresh pineapple, if you like. Whole wheat or gluten free tortillas.

One of our specials today Sunday.

Online ordering. Pickup. Delivery (via Uber Eats).

Taking orders until 8pm

¡Feliz Domingo!

Lots of specials this weekend (clockwise from left upper corner): No Chivo (seitan) and No Borrego (gf, soy) Tacos de Birria con Consomé (served with rice & beans or with noodles -Birriamen-. Please keep in mind that noodles are NOT gluten free), Tacos Dorados de Guacamole con Queso Blanco Derretido (guacamole and melted cheese taquitos), Burritos Fritos (fried burritos on a whole wheat tortilla), Jackfruit Al Pastor as a special protein, Tacos Dorados de Camote (sweet potato taquitos) and Pizzadillas de Tomates Verdes Fritos (fried green tomatoes), Setas Ostra a la Plancha (grilled oyster mushrooms) and Jackfruit Al Pastor con Piña Fresca (al pastor jackfruit with fresh pineapple). We also have Empanadas de Nixtamal rellenas de Tofu y Queso (gf handmade nixtamal -corn- empanadas filled with tofu and cheese), not in the picture above.

1pm - 8pm

Online Ordering. Pickup. Delivery (via Uber Eats). Apps. Scheduled pickup available in our website at

¡Feliz Viernes!

PIZZADILLA 📷 (Fried Green Tomatoes OR Grilled Oyster Mushrooms)

One of tonight’s specials along with Tacos Dorados de Guacamole, Tacos Dorados de Camote, Empanadas de Tofu y Queso, Jackfruit Al Pastor special protein and Birriamen (both No Chivo and gf No Borrego).

Online ordering. Pickup. Delivery (via Uber Eats).


¡Feliz Jueves!

It’s the end of our (working) week and we decided to use some giant (ugly, but beautiful) green tomatoes that we found and make “Tomates Verdes Fritos” (fried green tomatoes) for our dinner tonight. Then we decided to make us a “PIZZADILLA” 📷 with them.

We have also decided that on Thursday, when we come back, we’ll have a few of them as a special.

We had “Pizzadilla” a couple years ago as a special but completely forgot about making them again (like the Phila-asada tacos). Our Pizzadilla has two 12” whole wheat tortillas stuffed with cheese as a base (or crust) and are topped with melted cheese, the fried green tomatoes (in this case), baby spinach and sprinkled with vegan parmesan cheese. It can be gluten free, if preferred (the fried green tomatoes will be gluten free as well). As all the other quesadillas this one is also served with guacamole, pico de gallo, crema and salsa.

Now we are going to eat.

Good night.
¡Nos vemos el Jueves!
(See you all Thursday)

NO PUERCO DE JACKFRUIT AL PASTOR 📷 (gf organic labeled young jackfruit simmered in guajillo peppers and fresh pineapple based salsa) as a special protein and TACOS DORADOS DE CAMOTE (sweet potato taquitos) for your Tuesday.

1pm - 8pm
Online ordering. Pickup. Delivery (via Uber Eats). Scheduled pre-ordering available.

¡Feliz Martes!

TACOS DORADOS DE CAMOTE 📷 (gf sweet potato taquitos -also called flautas-) and NO PUERCO DE JACKFRUIT AL PASTOR (gf organic labeled young jackfruit simmered in guajillo peppers and fresh pineapple based salsa) as a special protein for your Tuesday.

1pm - 8pm
Online ordering. Pickup. Delivery (via Uber Eats). Scheduled pre-ordering available.

¡Feliz Martes!

¡Feliz Día del Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.! ...

FRIED BURRITOS 📷 are very controversial…

Is a fried burrito just a half way chimichanga? What is a chimichanga, then? A fried burrito? Or is the burrito a non-fried chimichanga? How about the wrap? What is a fried wrap then? Is it a wrap a burrito? (no) Is it a wrap a dry non-fried chimichanga with a salad inside? (maybe). What is a fried burrito then? What is chimichanga then? What is a dry chimichanga? Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going (after dinner)?

We have all those answers. How about you?