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homemade vegan mexican

The Hidalgo Family of Bradley Beach, owners of Luna Verde, name Mexican food as their favorite. As a vegan family, parents Mahonrry and Eslin Morris, along with their son, Marel (who just happens to be an amazing guitarist), have wanted to share their love of delicious and homemade (vegan) Mexican food. When the right location became available, they decided to open a restaurant themselves.


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Luna Verde has quickly climbed the ranks of becoming a favorite vegan restaurant in New Jersey. In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Luna Verde was recognized as PETA’s Top 10 Latinx Owned Vegan Restaurants Nationwide. We believe in our dishes and cook them the way that you, the community & the environment deserves. 

Every American deserves clean, running water. Please join us in our first campaign in partnership with DIGDEEP and their Navajo Water Project. You can contribute by donating directly, or every time you purchase a Navajo Taco from our menu 20% will be directed to this cause. Read More.

Served with love

authentic Mexican vegan restaurant 

Authentic & homemade

Homemade vegan mexican

We are a family-owned vegan restaurant serving authentic Mexican food such as ceviche, tacos, taco salad bowls, burritos, sopes, chimichangas, and delicious postres (desserts). We offer specials and limited dishes that are updated regularly. With many gluten-free options, there’s a dish for everyone. Every dish is made to order.

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OK, OK, OK, we'll have Birria today (the "No Chivo" (seitan) is slow cooking in "el consomé" now). If everyone behaves and give us a little bit more time we'll have Birria con Fideos (Birriamen or Birria with Ramen) later today. For now., these are our specials:

Tacos de Jackfruit Verde con Rajas de Chile Poblano Asado (jackfruit simmered in salsa verde with roasted poblano pepper strips)

Tamales de Perros Calientes con Guacakraut (Hot Dogs Tamales)

Tacos de Birria de No Chivo (seitan)📷

Sopa de Frijoles Carita (black-eyed peas creamy soup)

Pickup and Delivery Only

Lunch 11:30 am - 2:30 pm

Dinner 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

¡Feliz Sábado!

We have Tamales de Perros Calientes (Hot Dogs Tamales) served with our not yet famous "Guacakraut" (guacamole + saurkraut) and salsa quemada (smoky salsa). It's intended for kids like ours but if you feel that you are a kid at heart you can always order them.

Dinner starts at 4:00 pm

Pickup and Delivery Only

¡Feliz Viernes!

Reposted from @vegoutmagazine From tacos, nachos, and burritos to burgers, smoothies, and brownies, there’s a restaurant for that! 🙌 Go to to check out the list.

Thanks VegOut for featuring us in your article!

And yes! We are coming back from our vacation and opening back tomorrow!

Working on "El Patio Verde".

Yes, "vacation" means different things for different people...

Opening back on April 15th

Starting our vacation with our all-time favorites: Dinner @crust_and_crumble 📷 (Frachos, Minestrone, Phoenix Salad, Penne Vodka and The Murray deep dish). We had takeout lunch @alternativeplate and will pickup breakfast tomorrow @seedtosprout and dinner @kayaskitchenbelmar. We are so lucky to have so many great restaurants in walking distance from home (and from our restaurant). We love everyone of these places and we are also lucky to call all these restaurant owners our friends. Life without cooking for a couple of weeks looks really good from here.

P.S. Vegans like us in the Jersey Shore are spoiled, and that's a great thing.

Get your complimentary Tres Leches or Flan Casero for every $25.00 purchase (until supplies last). Today is our last day open before we take a few days off during spring break

And yes, we'll have Tacos de Birria de No Chivo (seitan) today.

11:30 - 2:30 pm (Lunch)
4:00 - 9:00 pm (Dinner)

Pickup and Delivery only.

!Felíz Martes!

*Please remember that we only have one line. If you call and the line is busy we are helping another guest.

Luna Verde will be closing in two days.

So, before we take a couple weeks off to spend time with our families, for today Monday and tomorrow Tuesday we'll be including in your bag a complimentary Tres Leches or Flan Casero for every $25.00 purchased (until supplies last)

We'll be back after spring break.

And yes, we'll have Tacos de Birria today.

11:30 am - 2:30 pm (Lunch)

4:00 pm - 9:00 pm (Dinner)

Pickup and Delivery Only.

!Feliz Lunes!

Good morning everyone. Yes, we'll have Tacos de Birria de No Chivo (seitan) today. We apologize for not being able to answer right away all questions we receive on our social media platforms, website or via email, but especially on the weekends we are very busy. Life is short and cooking birria (or making mole, or grilling no churrascos, or preparing no pollo dorado...) takes long.

📷 Our son showing how to dip your Taco de Birria in the Consomé after squeezing lime juice on it (there's no other way, believe us)

11:30 am - 2:30 pm (Lunch)
4:00 pm - 9:00 pm (Dinner)

Pickup and Delivery Only

¡Feliz Domingo!

If you call and we don't answer right away is because we are busy on the other line helping another customer. Please be patient with us.

Yes, the Birria de No Chivo (seitan) and the Consomé for our Tacos is almost ready. We'll have them again today (and hopefully tomorrow) along with our Muy Muy Grande Navajo Taco de No Carne Molida (ground beef-less soy) as specials.

- Please keep in mind that when we have Birria things take a bit longer -.

Try our new flavors Mango and Piña Colada Tres Leches or the soy free, gluten free Flan Casero.

11:30 - 2:30 (Lunch)
4:00 - 9:00 (Dinner)

Pickup and Delivery only.

¡Felíz Sábado!