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Luna Verde Vegan Mexican Restaurant is located on 400 Main St. in the bustling beach town, Bradley Beach. The Hidalgo Family name Mexican food as their favorite. As a vegan family, parents Mahonrry and Eslin Morris, along with their son, Marel (who just happens to be an amazing guitarist), have wanted to share their love of delicious and homemade (vegan) Mexican food. When the right location became available, they decided to open a restaurant themselves. 

After opening in 2018, Luna Verde has gained a large following all across the state, not only vegans, but also foodies who enjoy made-from-scratch, flavorful, and innovative cooking.  Offering bright and spicy salsas, rich guacamole, plenty of tacos, burritos, flautas, chimichangas, desserts, updated specials, and gluten-free options.

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Every American deserves clean, running water. We invite all our friends, family, customers, and neighbors to join us in our first campaign in partnership with DIGDEEP and their Navajo Water Project. So, you can contribute by donating directly, or every time you purchase a Navajo Taco from our regular menu 20% will be directed to this cause.

Thanks to the kindness of friends and guests, we have a dish for those who are in need. Every item we serve on our menu, love, respect, and kindness are also served.  We are constantly blending, chopping, mixing, and cooking to keep everything fresh, everything is made to order. Allow us to cook for you in the way you, the community & the environment deserves.

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